Tour Groups

Whether you are a local group, or have come to Ottawa to visit one of our many exciting tourist attractions, Prinzo Fine Catering can make sure that your group will be completely satisfied.

At Prinzo Fine Catering we have the luxury of having our own restaurant-style dining hall that will accommodate up to 150 people, perfect for tour groups. We will work with you through all aspects of the planning, and delivery for your group.

Join us for lunch after a trip to the tulip festival, dinner before a night out at the NAC, or an afternoon warm up from skating on the canal. Let Prinzo Fine Catering ensure that your meals will add to the experience your guests will have while touring this fabulous city.

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  • 85 O'Connor Street
    Ottawa, ON
    (613) 565-1328

    Open Monday - Friday
    11:30am - 2:00pm


    85 O'Connor Street
    Ottawa, ON
    (613) 565-1328